Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Yesterdays News: The Policeman of the Future

Recently I've been researching source materials for Victorian style Policeman for an illustration I'm working on. I came across this image on a Victorian London theme blog called "The Cat's Meat Shop".

Whilst obviously a tongue in cheek satirical cartoon lifted from the pages of a late nineteenth century edition of Punch magazine, there are none the less certain elements which have in some way been adopted by the current force. Ok, riot shields are slightly more robust than a wicker basket lid but the principle remains the same. Quarter staff's and baton's are essentially the same and the rattle on the helmet presumably works in the same way as a siren on a car - ie. "Get out of the way, I'm coming through...!".

But the most striking element in mind is the inclusion of a battery pack and, at point K., "electric wires up sleeve to shock opponent". So maybe in the same way that Leonardo da Vinci is credited with conceptualising the first helicopter design, perhaps the Taser stun gun was designed by a Victorian visionary?

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  1. what an interesting image. certainly this illustrator got closer than the people who saw us all in jet cars...