Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Another Artistic Type: Jordan Stone

Apologies for the lack of Blogging action this month - it seems that the pre-Christmas push is stronger than ever this year. I've been working hard on lots of really exciting and diverse projects which I'll be able to share with you just as soon as they go 'live'. In the meantime I happened across this website by Jordan Stone of SoFake that really appealed to my sense of going back to a basic, hands on crafted approach to design, even when producing something as technical as a website.

Jordan produced the artwork for this website for 'aging rock star' Billy Harvey using paper, scissors and sticky tape. He explains "After a week of using powerful narcotics together, I vaguely remember printing Billy out and making a little diorama of his living room. I played out his life for him, printing new characters as needed. Right before I passed out, I said "Billy, every living thing on this earth will one day face death alone." I woke up three days later, took photographs of the pieces and made the site.'

You can visit Billy Harvey's website here and the web design work of Jordan Stone at SoFake here.


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